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City of Atlanta

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General Obligation


Welcome to Our Investor Relations Site

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Welcome to the City of Atlanta’s investor relations website for its General Obligation Bonds. We are a city that is committed to inclusion, innovation, and excellence in municipal governance. Atlanta is one city with one bright future. A city of safe, healthy, connected neighborhoods with an expansive culture of equity, empowering upward mobility and full participation for all residents, embracing youth development, and an innovative, dependable government. We are Moving Atlanta Forward together.

We serve Atlanta and its citizens with a variety of social, equitable, and safety initiatives; supporting Atlanta’s rapid growth in infrastructure and greenspace; investing in its education, technology, and innovation; and strengthening its economy as a beacon for innovative business and partnerships. The City of Atlanta has established itself as a top-tier model for sustainability and resilience through its programs, policies, and partnerships that advance equity, green workforce opportunities, community health, and resilient and sustainable communities.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with our great city.

Andre Dickens, Mayor

Mohamed Balla

On behalf of the City of Atlanta,  I would like to welcome you to our new investor relations website for its General Obligation Bonds! We appreciate your interest and investment in bonds issued by the City of Atlanta, as it allows us to make critical investments in Atlanta’s infrastructure, throughout all our neighborhoods and for the benefit of all our stakeholders. We are committed to making our city safe, providing equitable access to services and efficient mobility while maintaining our assets in a state of good repair. We also are committed to transparency, fiscal responsibility, and maintaining our strong bond ratings.

I hope you find our investor relations website useful as you seek to better understand the credit portfolio of the City of Atlanta. Please do not hesitate to contact us at with any questions or suggestions. Thank you again for your interest in the City of Atlanta.

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Mohamed Balla, Chief Financial Officer